About Social Skills Group


What is a Social Skills Group?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Social Skills Groups have been postponed. We are still available for questions if you contact our office by phone or email. 

Our Social Skills Group is a small group that meets weekly to help adolescents and teens with communication, problem-solving, and active listening skills. The group can give a sense of belonging and place to connect in a positive environment with peers. 

The Social Skills Group will be using Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), a role-playing game, to create social scenarios for the participants to increase social and emotional skills. Participants/players in the group will create an adventurer to role-play in D&D and we will be playing the game therapeutically. 

The Social Skills Group is ideal for helping individuals who feel they struggle with social development or feel they struggle in social interactions. If you feel that you or your child has struggles in this area of development, we will be happy to help you or to connect you with other resources or services, contact our office: 980-284-2159.

Small Groups 4-6 participants per group

Ages 10-14, 14-19

We place you in a group based on your needs and compatibility with the group goals. 

Weekly Sessions Social Skills Group meets weekly, 8-10 weeks.


If you are interested in joining our Social Skills Group, register today for a free consultation. The consultation (15-20 minutes) will ensure you will be compatible with group goals and we will be able to meet your needs. Our office will be able to contact you and answer any further questions or concerns. Register online or call our office: 980-284-2159.

What We Do

Each group lasts 8-10 weeks, one session each week. The first session will be a no-commitment meeting to asses the fit of the players of the Social Skills Group. After the first meeting, we ask you to commit to the remaining 7 game sessions if all players seems to be a good fit for group goals.

If the group is not a good fit for a player, we will refund you for the initial game session. We will keep you on a waitlist for future groups or we will help you find additional resources.

Cost Each session is $40. One session fee will be waived if you choose to prepay for the 7 remaining game sessions following the first no-commitment session. Private insurance is accepted, where applicable.

Future Groups

D&D Social Skills Group. Ages 14-19. For 4-6 players, meets weekly.

Social Skills Group. Ages 10-14. For 4-6 players, meets weekly.